Saturday, December 29, 2007


Cold season is approaching, and I always catch it in my chest. It either turns to bronchitis or pneumonia. Anyway, this really works.

My friend told me that there is a natural antibiotic in the skin of a grapefruit, but it must be cooked to release the benefits of the enzyme. So the recipe goes like this.

Four cups of water
1/2 of a whole grapefruit.

Do not remove the peel. Quarter the fruit, and boil in the water for at least ten minutes. Then squeeze all of the water possible out of the fruit.

I use tongs for this because the fruit is insanely hot. Do not eat the rind, but get as much of the fruit as possible, as it obviously has the vitamins. Sweeten as you wish, because it's bitter as hell. Drink as a warm tea. You get used to it.

Repeat three times a day. This has been known to cut my colds/illnesses in half. I have shared this recipe with every friend who is ill. All have had wonderful results. Some have even gone back to their doctors for "needed" follow-ups with a clean bill of health that wasn't expected.

My friend was then questioned what she did to get rid of the illness, as no other patients were getting well with regular medication. However, if you are on cholesterol medication, like Lipator, grapefruit is off limits. Something to keep in mind.

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